Thanks for sharing Shreef. How should one approach when one of the senior stakeholders or even your manager for example would say lets get everyone in a room/call and agree on the decision?

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Hey Shashank

Always assess first the risk and urgency of the decision you are trying to make. The Shuttle Diplomacy approach is mainly for high risk decisions that most likely to involve multiple senior people.

If the decision is low risk, then you better move faster. Go for a meeting, email, or even make the decision on your own if that would be good enough.

If the decision is high risk but a stakeholder is pushing for a fast decision through a meeting. Try to assess the likelihood that this would be a successful meeting that might conclude with a decision. If it's probable, then go with the flow and have the meeting.

If it's the other way around, advise the stakeholder that there are many complexities that are unlikely to be resolved in that meeting. Then explain what you are doing to get to these issues resolved more efficiently.

You don't have to win that argument though. If you get pushed to organise the meeting, then go for it. It might be that your stakeholder/manager knows something you don't know, or it might be that the Shuttle Diplomacy approach is not a good fit with how your company operates.

It's very important to be flexible and adapt to the environment that you are operating in.

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Thanks Shreef, makes a lot of sense.

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Good writing, I enjoyed reading the article.

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