So you believe in Luck?!

It’s always interesting to see someone — especially if a successful person — being asked about “Luck”. A typical answer he would give might be something like “I don’t believe in luck. I believe in hard work, and bla bla bla ..”. I understand how we all tend to be defensive when it comes to the things that define us;… Continue reading

On how to study better

I will try from now on to write short posts about new things I learn or find interesting. This time, the interesting thing I found was that video of a Lecture by Dr. Marty Lobdell about how to study in an effective way.

Perfectionism, revisited!

I was complaining today about how I get distracted while listening to podcasts. I’m not a person who can just freeze for 30 minutes or more to do nothing but just listen to a podcast. My eyes will automatically try to find something else to read. I used to feel guilty each time this happens. Still… Continue reading

Gender equality, misunderstood

I’m living in a country at the far north-eastern corner of Africa, called Egypt. we are a mix of cultures. we’re Pharaohs, Africans, Arabs, Christians and Muslims; all in one. One of the hot topics you would see Egyptians talking about a lot recently on Facebook and twitter is sexual harassment. Like 30 years ago,… Continue reading