Perfectionism, revisited!

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Girl trying to be perfect

I was complaining today about how I get distracted while listening to podcasts. I’m not a person who can just freeze for 30 minutes or more to do nothing but just listen to a podcast. My eyes will automatically try to find something else to read.
I used to feel guilty each time this happens. Still one of the comments today on my original post, reminded me that this is another kind of perfectionism.

I used to think that I’m only a perfectionist about my code. It’s easy for me to notice it when I get into the perfectionist mode while working, but I forget that I sometimes try to be perfect too while doing other things .. reading books, listening to podcasts, and drawing diagrams are some of those things.

It’s quit relieving to remember today that there’s no way that we can remember everything we read in books, or 100% focus while talking with others. We humans are not like machines, achieving 80% or 90% accuracy as humans is a great achievement.