Late new year’s resolution

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I’m 2 months late to put a new year’s resolution but the idea hit me couple of hours ago. I was thinking about how to reorganize my life and plan forward for the coming few years, but I remembered that I didn’t even write a new year’s resolution since 2008.

anyway, better late than never. so here’s my list for the coming 10 months:

  • Ballet dancing! (turned to be a bad idea)
  • use Nodejs in a real project
  • reach a satisfying decision about the best way to structure an MV* frontend JavaScript app
  • build a mobile web app
  • build 2 mobile apps for Android with the same features and look. one as a native app, and the other as a hybrid app to compare both methods realistically
  • work on my UI design skills for web and mobile
  • read more about product design and UX research
  • buy a bike to use for daily transportations in Cairo
  • buy a new phone and give my 2 years old phone to my young brother or sister
  • go to gym (a big lie .. but I have to list it anyway)
  • start writing again for PHP Master
  • write a new blog post here each week
  • try to remember parent’s birthdays early enough (mom: Aug 7th & dad: Oct 9) to get them presents. I never did!
  • travel to another country for some days
  • learn to cook healthy food and try to stop eating fast food as much as possible
  • redesign this blog
  • stop caring about what others say or think about me
  • memorize and understand part of Quran
  • start a strict saving plan and pay all my debt

This isn’t everything on my mind, but I think this list is enough to keep me busy till the end of year. hope I will do +90% of all that -isA-.

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