When Army officers break promises – #ArmyViolations

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Egyptians went out to streets on Jan 25, 2011 peacefully trying to bring a regime down and get their freedom and dignity back. after 18 days, Mubarak leaved the presidential palace and moved all his authorities to SCAF (Super Counsel of Armed Forces). more people went out to streets celebrating their victory and SCAF started by talking about how the bad era just ended and how they will start to a new era of respect, freedom and real democracy.

Unfortunately, the dream didn’t continue for so long and things didn’t go like what SCAF promised. we started to see news about how the army forced 18 women protesters to undergo virginity tests. Army started to deal aggressively with citizens like what police used to do before Jan 25. Army started to attack protesters in Tahrir square every night and arrested many citizens and they were trialed infront of military courts.

On the first day of Ramadan (Aug 1, 2011), hundreds of Army soldiers with many police soldiers attacked the protesters camping in Tahrir square and arrested 111 of them who were released after 2 days. there were some videos and blog posts by protesters that show how Army treated protesters violently.

These violent acts were repeated again during the fifth day of Ramadan (Aug 5, 2011). citizens organized a group Iftar which let Muslims and  Christians have a chance to eat together in Tahrir square after fasting all day. army soldiers were ordered to attack these citizens again after moments of finishing eating their Iftar.

This blog post is part of an initiative to blog about Egyptian Army violations. all what we want our Army to remember is that “your mission is to protect me, not to erase me”.

We respect those soldiers and officers who protect our borders and I was one of them before, but this doesn’t give them the right to treat citizens like that.  we are all live in this country and have the same rights and every one deserves to be respected whether if he agrees with the decisions of the SCAF or not.

Remember that you promised to protect this revolution and remember that Army ethics tells you .. never break a promise and never betray your people.


Ramdan - Army soldiers attacking citizen

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