GNU/Linux Install Fest [April 3, 2010]

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Next Saturday April 3, 2010 in Culture Wheel [Sakiet El-Sawy], there will be a Gnu/Linux Install fest.  in that day, EGLUG volunteers will give sessions about installing, using and programing [web/desktop] applications over Linux. if this is your first time to hear about Gnu/Linux and want to install it on your PC or Notebook or you already installed it but you are still having some problems with some programs or you don’t know the best alternatives for your old MS Windows/Mac programs over Linux, you can come to the install fest and you will find the tech support team standing there to give help and support to you.

some of the topics will presented in the sessions will be :

– Installing GNU/Linux
– Alternatives for your Windows/Mac programs
– Desktop usage under Linux

Advanced & Programming:
– Installing Web Servers
– Desktop programming under Gnu/Linux
– Python
– Drupal
– Security

Graphics and Design:
– Inkscape

Free Culture
– Wikipedia

the day will start around 9:00am in the River Hall in Culture Wheel. the sessions will be working in parallel all day so whenever you show up there before 5:00pm , you will find interesting sessions to attend.

That day is going to be totally Free ;-)

and wait for my move to a new blog on my own host soon -isA-.

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