Hi 2008 !!

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I know, it’s a very late post. but I didn’t have chance to write it earlier because of many reasons that you won’t care to know about.
now, I want to remember what I did in 2007.

– contributed to ZendFramework (my 1st open source contribution) .
– joined another company .
– wrote a post about something stupid I found in careermideast.com , but I want to thank them now as they fixed this problem.
 (ps: days ago I saw the same problem with mazika.com , I wish they can fix it too ) .
– started being an active IRC user, specially on freenode.net  #phpc .
– joined the SK DemoDay 2
– become a 20 years old guy.
– joined the Egyptian Army to start my mandatory military service.

In 2008 I wish to (isA) :
– be a better programmer.
– start my CS studies.
– get back to playing soccer.
– gain more confidence and training to give public speeches better.
– restudy Deutsch

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