Smile with Technology (2)

i know that you loved the last one so here is more new things that’s you will love too.
this for the microsoft’s maniacs :P … lol

very smart one, spot what the soldier says

Thank you Joy of Tech

okay now we will see other comics from php life

Thank you too PHP Life

Google Egypt

i was searching today on Google –> nothing new
no no there is a new interesting thing, it’s …………………. Google Egypt
Oops, sorry google ;-)

sad blogers

there is a discussion on arabteam2000 forum started by busbar (mahmoud magdy), about why there is a lot of blogers writing about their ex-love or why they fall on the floor whenever they try to get up from  bed.
look at this sad bloger who was writing about his mom when she left him alone without enugh money to get a new toy. lol

one Day at MDC 06

i traveled 2 days ago to cairo to attend the first day of MDC 06 , it was a good day and i liked the sessions .
i just attended 3 sessions, the first was “Building Distributed Apps: Use-Cases, Options, Techniques, and other Architectural Concerns” and the other sessions was talking about 2
but it was so bad to be lonely there as all the people i know was attending another sessions and couldn’t stay with them enugh time :( and also at the end i didn’t see any one of them  , huh .. i hate that and maybe it will lead me to hate mico (microsoft)  too …
i’m going crazy i think .. any way, i liked Mr.Clemens F. Vasters , he was the speaker in the first session and i learned alot of good things from him too.
mmm.., what’s more?!!
ah, when i was travelling back to Alexandria in the end of the day, there was an african guy setting next to me , i think he is from negeria or cote d’ivoire as there was a soccer game in the next day (today) between them in alexandria, he was talking arabic well but it’s simple to know that he isn’t egyptian when he starts talking. it’s a fun to hear him talking in that way (i like african people :-)  ).
by the way, cote d’ivoire won the game and will meet egypt in the final game (good luck egypt)
egypt 2 – 1 senegal
just wanted to spot mido’s problem with Hassan Shehata, what he did was totally wrong but he is a good player and a very good guy IMO, for sure he will apologize,  and we will be happy to see him playing with the team again in the final game (working hard for egypt)
c ya

catch the African ball

hello buddies,
it’s a long time since my last entry here.
i started to work again after finishing my exams 2 weeks ago, and don’t have time to do any thing else..
but yesterday was the start of the African soccer Cup of Nations here in egypt and i think that will give me a chance to get some rest.
my country Egypt won the first game vs Libya ( 3 – 0 ) ,that’s very good and  i hope the best for our national team in the next games too.
ahm, i’m tired and in need for some changes in my life. in the days of the Eid (feast) i was here in my house working and didn’t enjoy my time at all :( , but i’m thinking that i can stop working a day and go out to do other things .
now i got to say bye bye and c u later.
ps: if you know any thing can help me to enjoy my work time , just be cute and tell me :D .