Don’t shoot down a bad idea!

I was recently reading Creativity Inc, by Ed Catmull the president of Pixar and Disney Animation studios. One of the interesting parts that stuck with me from the book was the idea of how every great idea starts as a bad idea.

Ed calls it “The ugly baby”. The ugly baby is your idea in its first early days. This is the same for every film made by Pixar and Disney. They all started as bad ideas, but it took lots of iterations and effort to clean up and experiment with each idea till it grows up into something beautiful. Continue reading

So you believe in Luck?!

Tyche (luck), goddess of fortune

Tyche (luck), goddess of fortune

It’s always interesting to see someone — especially if a successful person — being asked about “Luck”.

A typical answer he would give might be something like “I don’t believe in luck. I believe in hard work, and bla bla bla ..”.

I understand how we all tend to be defensive when it comes to the things that define us; our achievements. So whenever someone try to take away our achievements from us by hinting that it might be a stroke of luck that made us successful, we rush to denying the existence of luck at all.

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Perfectionism, revisited!

Girl trying to be perfect

I was complaining today about how I get distracted while listening to podcasts. I’m not a person who can just freeze for 30 minutes or more to do nothing but just listen to a podcast. My eyes will automatically try to find something else to read.
I used to feel guilty each time this happens. Still one of the comments today on my original post, reminded me that this is another kind of perfectionism.

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Gender equality, misunderstood

I’m living in a country at the far north-eastern corner of Africa, called Egypt. we are a mix of cultures. we’re Pharaohs, Africans, Arabs, Christians and Muslims; all in one.

One of the hot topics you would see Egyptians talking about a lot recently on Facebook and twitter is sexual harassment.

Like 30 years ago, sexual harassment wasn’t something with any real existence in the Egyptian community. the problem started to develop during the last 30 years for some reason, but since the revolution in the country in 2011, people started to talk openly about this issue. Continue reading