Hate nobody; I always say that to myself. I never been someone who enjoys hate. I consider myself a peaceful person who avoids conflicts as much as he can. like any human, from time to time I get myself into troubles, and while I always try to fix things again as quick as I can, It’s impossible to achieve the 100% success rate. things don’t always work.

It happens that I have fights with family, friends, colleagues, and everyone. but I’m always the first one to apologize. whether I’m the person who have to apologize or not, I just do it. I always used to think that it’s just I can’t hate someone for longer than a week or something, but the reality is that also I’m always afraid of being lonely.

Yes, me, the person who enjoys staying alone doing whatever he do, is always afraid of being lonely. that’s why I keep finding excuses for everyone so they can all stay close to me. they’re all humans, they are all full of good and bad things. If I try to focus on the good things and ignore the bad things, then I will be able to bring them back to my life. and that’s what I always do.

I think what I have been doing all that time was wrong. sure not in all cases, but sometimes you just need to get rid of some people forever from your life. those who hate and enjoy hating you. they won’t care about anything but watching you suffer to death, they will kill you and enjoy every moment of it. if they see you suffering in pain, they will have no sympathy for you. they didn’t deserve to have a place in your life in the first place. so for God’s sake, git rid of them once and for all.

Here again I apologies to all those who deserve to be in my life, I want you to stay close to me, but for the rest, please go away in peace. I wish you a better life far far away from me.

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