I’m busy this days and not online most of the time and that’s the part that I don’t like. there is something
keeping me away of my computer but you can see me from time to time viewing some websites. oh, I can
list here some of this websites:

arabteam2000-forum.com ( it’s down now for maintenance)
sitepoint.com , spellcoder.com , codesnipers.com ,  msdn.com , digg.com , codeguru.com
I’m visiting some of this websites many times a day and I have other websites which I’m visiting weekly.
the most are blogs of  my friends and others you can see them in my del.icio.us/shref .
that’s not all of the list as there is other websites in my bookmarks list.

also, I wanted to tell you about more things before going a way, maybe that’s not very important things but
there is more free time and I want to continue talking.

you know, there is some times you know that you were doing some stupid things.
I was reading yesterday a new entry on mohamd meligy’s blog . he was talking about SPAM and in some
part of the entry he talked about how he is using filters to put the coming emails in in folders.
I didn’t try this feature before “I don’t know why”, I was justing letting my junk mail folder get most of the emails
and I do a check on it maybe 5 times a day and every old message is deleted automatically.
I think that I was doing that as I didn’t like deleting emails manually, but after thinking about this thing again I said
let’s give it a try. also I remember that I had a talk before with Tarek Ibrahim and he said that he is using filters but
I didn’t have a chance to try it in that time.

I have created 2 new folders [php, python] and maybe I will create another one for C# & .Net . and filtered my subscribed
mailing lists and news letters to be listed in this folders.
after one hour I found my msn messenger notifying me that I got a new mail, it was from the ZF mailing-list. I’m receiving   
more than 20 emails from this list every day and I don’t read more than 5 of them a week. but maybe now I can read 90% of
them (It’s a good improvement IMO)

that’s all what I have now about my experience with this mail filters (why there is no emoticon here of one shooting his head??!! ).

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